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When you join One Funnel Away Challenge using my affiliate link, I will give you access to these 14 super cool bonuses for FREE. You don't have to pay anything extra, all costs would be covered by me. Isn't it the sweetest deal ever? 😉

Bonus #1: Hardcover Physical Copy of Traffic Secrets Book
(Value $20)

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products, this book will teach you how to get massive traffic of qualified leads to enter your sales funnel.

Get this physical book delivered to you at your doorstep. All costs covered by me 😉

Bonus #2: Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Call
(Value $50)

I'll share with you the exact funnel and strategies that worked for me, and helped me make over $5,000+ of affiliate commissions with a simple 3-step funnel.

This will be a 1-hour personal 1-on-1 coaching call. I will guide you step-by-step to setup your funnel, answer your questions, and prepare you for massive success with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Bonus #3: The Exact OFA Bridge Funnel
(Value $497)

Want to promote One Funnel Away Challenge and earn affiliate commissions?

One click > Boom! Your sales funnel will be ready within 5 minutes!

Start promoting OFA as an affiliate right away with my bridge funnel that made me $3,000+ till date!

Bonus #4: Funnel Setup & Rebranding Checklist
(Value $47)

Once you import a funnel, it's natural to feel overwhelmed and confused how to effectively rebrand that funnel for your own use. In this exclusive video training, I will show you how to customise and rebrand your funnel quickly,  how to setup your affiliate links, and what all mistakes to avoid before launching any funnel.

Bonus #5: Complete Whitelabel Rights to Give Away all my Bonuses
(Value $197)

One of the most common question I get from people is, they don't know what to offer as a bonus, or how to create their own bonuses.

To help you solve that problem, I will give you complete whitelabel rights to offer all my bonuses as your own bonuses. I will also share with you additional files and folders, so that you can offer multiple bonuses to anyone who signup using your affiliate links.

This is super helpful if you're a beginner in affiliate marketing, and I promise this will save you hours of work and frustration that comes with creating your own bonuses!

Bonus #6: Organic Traffic Secrets
(Value $97)

I have never spent a single Rupee on ads, and all my affiliate commissions are generated using organic traffic. Many of my friends are making $500+ per week with these secret organic strategies.

This training alone will blow your mind, and you will realise how easy it is to get high-quality super-targeted traffic without spending a single dime on paid ads!

Bonus #7: Organic OFA Affiliate Masterclass
(Value $197)

This is a special training, in which I have asked my friend "Kunal Priyadarshi" to show you exactly his process step-by-step to help you sell One Funnel Away Challenge as an affiliate using organic traffic. He has used the exact strategies to crack $10,000+ in just a span of 25 days!

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner, doesn't matter if you have zero followers, doesn't matter if you have any previous experience or not - if you implement what you learn in this module, I am sure you will definitely see results in your affiliate sales!

You will also learn my organic traffic strategies on how I made $500+ in a single week just with Clickfunnels Affiliate!

Bonus #8: Irresistible Offer Creation Training
(Value $97)

One of the key secret to making people buy using your affiliate links is presenting an irresistible offer. In this training you will learn the psychology and tactics behind creating a no-brainer offer.

You will learn the strategies behind creating an offer so enticing, that people would find it almost impossible to refuse!

Bonus #9: Affordable Funnel Builder Quick-start Guide + Templates
(Value $47)

I get it, some people can't really afford Clickfunnels, especially in the beginning stages of their journey.

In this quick-start guide, I will share with you 2 different funnel-builders I use that do almost everything that Clickfunnels can do - one of which that costs 1/10th of Clickfunnels, and the other you could actually get it for free!


And not just that, I will also give you Plug-n-Play Templates for multiple niches, so that you can launch your funnels as quickly as possible!

Bonus #10: My Exact Email Sequences that made me $4,000+ Affiliate Commissions
(Value $197)

I will give you insider access to all the emails that I have used till day, which have made me more than $4,000+ with multiple affiliate products.

I will teach you the psychology behind each and every e-email, and how well that has converted for me. You can take inspiration from these proven emails and create your own campaigns to promote any products of your choice.

Total Bonus Value = $1,446


Wait, Believe it or not, this offer gets even better...

Bonus #11: Proven Bridge Page Video Examples
(Value $47)

Many people get confused when it comes to creating your own bridge pages - but it doesn't have to be that difficult.

Simply go through the funnels that I will share with you, take inspiration from them, and create your own version by "Funnel Hacking" your competitors ;-)

As simple as that! 

Bonus #12: 7 Must Read Books (with PDFs) for Affiliate Marketers
(Value $97)

You might know that I am an avid reader of psychology and marketing books, and I have read hundreds of books till date.

I'll share with you PDFs of some of the best books that have helped me level-up my affiliate marketing skills.

Bonus #13: Bonus Russell Brunson Books Bundle
(Value $97)

Russell Brunson is the master of sales funnels, and his books are goldmine of knowledge. I will share with you all his ebooks, audiobooks & PDFs that I have collected over the years - some of them are not even available freely anywhere on the internet! 

Bonus #14: Case Study - How I made $3,000+ Affiliate Commissions from Clickfunnels without spending a single Rupee on Ads
(Value $97)

Get access to the behind-the-scenes of how I made $3,000+ with Clickfunnels affiliate program, and how I am getting passive recurring sales simply by teaching people for free.

Total Bonus Value = $1,784


Here's A Recap Of


When You Join OFA Using My Affiliate Link

  • Bonus #1: Hardcover Physical Copy of Traffic Secrets Book

(Value $20)

  • Bonus #2: Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Call

(Value $50)

  • Bonus #3: The Exact OFA Bridge Funnel

(Value $497)

  • Bonus #4: Funnel Setup & Rebranding Checklist

(Value $47)

  • Bonus #5: Complete Whitelabel Rights to Give Away all my Bonuses

(Value $197)

  • Bonus #6: Organic Traffic Secrets

(Value $97)

  • Bonus #7: Organic OFA Affiliate Masterclass

(Value $197)

  • Bonus #8: Irresistible Offer Creation Training

(Value $97)

  • Bonus #9: Affordable Funnel Builder Quick-start Guide + Templates

(Value $47)

  • Bonus #10: My Exact Email Sequences that made me $4,000+ Affiliate Commissions

(Value $197)

  • Bonus #11: Proven Bridge Page Video Examples

(Value $47)

  • Bonus #12: 7 Must Read Books (with PDFs) for Affiliate Marketers

(Value $97)

  • Bonus #13: Bonus Russell Brunson Books Bundle

(Value $97)

  • Bonus #14: Case Study - How I made $3,000+ Affiliate Commissions from Clickfunnels without spending a single Rupee on Ads

(Value $97)

Total Bonus Value = $1,784


What other people are saying about the oFA challenge and my bonuses...

How to claim your bonuses?

I can ONLY give access to my bonuses if you’ve registered for One Funnel Away Challenge using my affiliate link (no exceptions). To ensure you get your bonuses, it is always a great idea to clear your cookies from your browser prior to clicking the button below, and then clicking the button using incognito window. Double check my affiliate ID 1616694 in browser URL.

Complete your OFA registration, e-mail me your purchase receipt at ash.desimarketer@gmail.com so that I can confirm that you're signed up under my affiliate link. I'll verify it in my dashboard and e-mail you with all the information to claim your bonuses.

P.S. There will always be some scammers who'll try to get my bonuses and then get a refund from OFA. Come on, I'm not stupid. I've seen those people. 

I know you might not be that person, so to ensure the risk of such scammers, I'll send the products only after the refund period has ended. If you're serious about this stuff, I hope you will understand my concern 🙂
DM me on Messenger for any doubts.

To your success,

Aashish Karia

(Desi Marketer)

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