Look, I am not against people selling courses and mentorships, but there are a few points that make me stay away from this industry. Also, I am not targeting any specific person - in fact, many of my friends are also into this business.

Whatever I say from here on would be my personal opinion, based on my current beliefs. My beliefs and thoughts could change in future; I don't know...


The majority of the courses that I have purchased to date are the same old information packaged in a fancy way. Especially if you see these Affiliate Marketing, Funnels, Blogging, etc courses, all these courses are always similar to the other courses out there in the market.

And you know what, most of the sales copies of these courses are made to play with your emotions - they want to target your insecurities and past failures, and they make you believe that this is the thing that's missing in your life. They make it seem like this would be the magic pill that would change your life forever.

I think that's where the problem lies; it has become so easy to play with people's emotions and make a lot of money selling courses. As more and more people see the opportunity to make money by selling courses, more and more below-average people are jumping into the industry.

Almost zero innovation happens, and most people are using the same old copy-paste "webinar scripts" and "copywriting templates".

Is this what marketing is? Using copy-paste scripts to sell some shitty courses?

I don't think so. Marketing should never be about "forcing" your customer to buy your products using coercive salesy scripts. The problem with such type of marketing is that you are targeting everybody - even the people who might not be your ideal customers.

One more doubt that always comes to my mind is if these people are already earning Lacs of Rupees, why are they charging people money to "help" them get rich?

Why can't they just share the information for free if they genuinely want to "help" people?

Come on guys, wake up.

Please understand that most of these people selling you dreams are themselves making money by "selling you dreams".

I'm sorry if it offends some people, but this is what I genuinely feel.

But as with any industry, each coin has two sides...

Charging for information does has some benefits to it, and I understand the merits of why it's one of the best business models out there.

There are some genuine people selling courses that actually provide some value to the marketplace. I have learnt a lot from such people, and I love how they do their marketing.

Take Ankur Warikoo, for example, look at this course:

Do you see any hyped-up marketing in this?

This is what I love, not just the sales page and marketing, but also the lessons taught inside the course.

There are a lot of people I love for the way they do their marketing. Read this, and you'll understand what I mean:

Anyways, that was a quick blog/rant from me 😂🙈

I hope you found some value out of it. Let me know in the comments what you think 🙂

P.S. Man, I really need to improve my writing skills. I'm writing this blog post after a long, long time. The last time I wrote on this blog was 9-10 months back! I hope I haven't bored you to death 😂

Aashish Karia

I am a Digital Marketing enthusiast passionate about learning and sharing everything I've learned so far. During my free time, you will probably find me reading a non-fiction book or playing football. I'm a fitness freak, and I love working out and going on treks occasionally.

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  • HI Aashish! It’s a really sad truth you delivered, and that’s today’s reality… I had such an experience.. read it now.. love that.
    You are a jam person..
    Stay bless!!

  • it is beautifully simple valuable content you provided. I have seen your video, very nicely elaborated everything. ……. keep it up, dear.

  • Exactly ! To the point !, and I fully agree with each and every word written above in your blog.

    I like your way of thinking Aashish .

    Keep inspiring us. !

  • I like the way you do marketing. I watching you since 1 year and found that your content is really inspiring. And I like that you have done your a lot of research on different types of funnels that marketer can use to increase sales as well as can provide great value to their client.

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