You might have heard about, "money is in the list"

I have too, and I started building my e-mail list a few months back. I started from zero. No connections, no traffic, nothing.

One day, all of sudden out of nowhere, I decided to offer a free course. Some of my subscribers demanded me for it and I had seen some comments on other videos that people needed that course.


I thought it might be a perfect opportunity to create a lead-magnet. I sat through the weekend, designed a comprehensive course about ClickFunnels in Hindi. I posted a video about it on my YouTube channel (at the time I had only 8-10 subscribers, all organic. I hadn't shared it with my family or friends)

Now it's almost 5 months to that video, that video is bringing me approx 2-3 new leads for me in my mailing list. I had never ever thought I'd be building a mailing list. As of this day of writing, my mailing list has crossed 300+ subscribers. That means 300 people actually enrolled in my course 🤯

Imagine, a beginner, like me, with zero connections, building an e-mail list. But wo toh theek hai, list toh ban gayi... But what to do with that mailing list? Life me kabhi kuch send nahi kiya aise unknown logon ko, I can't even explain you the emotions going through my mind right now.

Just now, I scheduled my first ever e-mail to my subscribers. It's about a video that I watched yesterday and how I was trapped in Shiny Object Syndrome for quite some time.

It isn't perfect, and it's very unorganised. But I think that's okay. I don't need to be perfect in my first time. I just had to do it because I wanted to share how I felt about that video, and it might help others.

But the most interesting thing, I've mentioned a new offer that I wanted to try in the P.S. Section of my e-mail (actually, P.P.S). I don't want to sound salesy to my subscribers.

The emotions I am going through right now are - 

  • Will my subscribers like my writing?
  • Will they criticise or complain about sending an e-mail? 
  • Will they like or appreciate my message?
  • Will the respond to me and be "wow" and love my emails?

And most importantly

  • Will my cash register ring with money because of that offer? 😂

You might have heard that "push a button and make thousands of dollars from your email" 😂 That's the image coming to my mind right now...

I don't know, it's so funny to think about. I'll probably laugh at myself when I read this 3 years from now! 

But it's exciting 🙂

I'm learning new things.

I'm experiencing new feelings.

Anyways, if you've read this far, I would like to encourage you to do the things that you think are uncomfortable. Even though it's imperfect, do it. Your future-self would thank you that you did those things.

Thanks for your time ❤️

Aashish Karia

I am a Digital Marketing enthusiast passionate about learning and sharing everything I've learned so far. During my free time, you will probably find me reading a non-fiction book or playing football. I'm a fitness freak, and I love working out and going on treks occasionally.

  • I sent my first email broadcast yesterday to 77 people. I felt all those things too that you mentioned bro🤓. Although, I was very much disappointed seeing the poor response from my subs. But after reading this blogpost, I got hope🌻

    • Yes bro! But don’t lose hope. You’ll eventually succeed. I’ve written a new post after this, do read to see my ‘small win’ 🙂

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