Most of us are pretending that we're learning.

We're pretending that we're progressing.

We watch videos. We take online courses. We read books upon books. We feel like we have learnt something, we're achieving something.

But the truth is, we're all scared. Scared to show up. Scared to make the effort and share our message.


I used to be that person. I used to purchase course after course just to satisfy my needs. I felt like I was progressing in life, achieving something. But the truth was, I was just addicted to consume more and more knowledge. I never took the guts to actually "do the work".

You see, showing up and doing stuff requires effort. It's a difficult thing to do. But watching videos, taking courses, is easy. You just need to passively consume the information. No action needed.

Don't be scared to show up and share what you know. Don't find an escape from actually doing the work. Courses and books will give you knowledge upto a certain extent. But don't stop there. Do what's difficult.

My goal with this post was to share what I've realised through these years. Take action. You'll start to see positive results in your life. I can promise you that.

P.S. This learning was inspired by Seth Godin. Read his blog for more such learnings.

Aashish Karia

I am a Digital Marketing enthusiast passionate about learning and sharing everything I've learned so far. During my free time, you will probably find me reading a non-fiction book or playing football. I'm a fitness freak, and I love working out and going on treks occasionally.

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