There's more to marketing than you think.

There's more to making money online than you think..

There's more to life than you think...

Look, I am not against people selling courses and mentorships, but there are a few points that make me stay away from this industry. Also, I am not targeting any specific person - in fact, many of my friends are also into this business.

Whatever I say from here on would be my personal opinion, based on my current beliefs. My beliefs and thoughts could change in future; I don't know...

When I started building this affiliate marketing funnel, I literally made the entire funnel in one single night. I did not overthink, I did not think much about what should be the headline, the copy, etc. Nothing!

I planned it out on a paper, started bulding the framework, and just went on writing whatever came to my mind (maybe I wasn't even serious about making this funnel live). Here's the plan that I made on paper

Few days ago, I started taking email marketing a bit more seriously, and I wrote a post about it. It was about how I felt when I first sent my first ever broadcast email to my list.

Well, wanna know how much money I made?

Zero. Crickets. 

I constantly kept on refreshing my email stats, checking how many people opened my emails, how many clicked on my links, and how many unsubscribed (that hurts). But after 3 days of constant refreshing, although a few people opened my emails, but I generated 0 sales.

3 June was my birthday.

As many of you might know, I have a YouTube channel. I had been working on it for almost 6 months now. And, I have never shared it with any of my friends or family (yes, even my parents don't know that I have a YouTube channel). 

Most of us are pretending that we're learning.

We're pretending that we're progressing.

We watch videos. We take online courses. We read books upon books. We feel like we have learnt something, we're achieving something.

But the truth is, we're all scared. Scared to show up. Scared to make the effort and share our message.

You might have heard about, "money is in the list"

I have too, and I started building my e-mail list a few months back. I started from zero. No connections, no traffic, nothing.

One day, all of sudden out of nowhere, I decided to offer a free course. Some of my subscribers demanded me for it and I had seen some comments on other videos that people needed that course.

As you might know, Digital Deepak is a superstar in the Indian Digital Marketing arena. High Traffic Summit, Hyderabad, is an event organised by Pixel Track (Deepak’s Digital Marketing Agency). The event took place on 23 June 2019. 

I must say, I’m a great fan of Deepak Kanakaraju. I can buy almost everything that Deepak has to offer. I’ve purchased his books, his courses, and I’m even sold on his viewpoints about digital marketing. When I got an e-mail from Digital Deepak about the event, I didn’t even check the price and location. I immediately pulled out my debit card and booked my seat right away!

Digital marketing is the hottest career trend right now. I have friends who are taking up digital marketing courses worth tens of thousands of rupees. If you’re someone who is considering learning digital marketing, then let me warn you! Don’t fall into the trap of these costly courses. There are better ways to learn digital marketing all by yourself and that too in a much cheaper and effective way.

Taking up expensive courses isn’t gonna make you a digital marketing expert in 3 months. In my opinion, most of the courses are just a waste of money. Some digital marketing experts are charging up to 10 lakhs to help you learn digital marketing! That’s crazy! 

You might have heard a lot about SEO in digital marketing and how people are making big money by tweaking a few settings on their website. It’s true that taking care of certain things while publishing a website/article can help you significantly boost traffic, but do you know how exactly SEO works?